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Experience the power of audio-visual learning for UPSC preparation. Shubham's IAS - The Best IAS Coaching in Chandigarh and the Best PCS Coaching in Chandigarh have curated these short videos for you. These videos cover a wide array of General Studies and Current Affairs topics and explain the concepts in an interesting, simple and easy to understand manner. If you are looking for a specific topic, please feel free to type your query the search box above or simply scroll down for more.

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Videos for UPSC Preparation
S. No. Date Title  
1 2016-09-23 What is News Juice Monthly?  Click here to Play
2 2016-08-31 4-D Printing  Click here to Play
3 2016-08-29 Scramjet Technology Explained  Click here to Play
4 2016-08-26 NuTonomy: First Driver-less Taxi in Singapore  Click here to Play
5 2016-08-09 The Internet of Things  Click here to Play
6 2016-07-23 Aquila:Solar Powered Drone by Facebook  Click here to Play
7 2016-07-14 Israel-Palestine Conflict Explained  Click here to Play
8 2016-07-01 U.S. Presidential Elections 2016/17 Easily explained  Click here to Play
9 2016-05-21 The League of Nations GCSE History Revision  Click here to Play
10 2016-05-18 Turning Points in World History - Industrial Revolution  Click here to Play
11 2016-05-13 Why Korea Split Into North and South Korea  Click here to Play
12 2016-05-13 Black holes Explained - From Birth to Death  Click here to Play
13 2016-05-13 How Do Solar Panel Work- Richard Komp  Click here to Play
14 2016-05-13 How China Is Reviving The Silk Road  Click here to Play
15 2016-05-12 Gas Battle: Ukraine Vs Russia - An Animated History  Click here to Play
16 2016-05-12 OPEC 101: The Basics  Click here to Play
17 2016-05-12 The Iran Nuclear Deal Explained  Click here to Play
18 2016-05-11 Cloud Computing- What is Cloud Computing?  Click here to Play
19 2016-05-09 The Path of The Ebola Virus Outbreak | The New York Times  Click here to Play
20 2016-05-09 The Indian Ocean - Retrieving History To Build A Future  Click here to Play
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