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NewsJuice - Daily Analysis of top National & International Newspapers

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Compact & Exam - specific newspaper analysis for IAS preparation

How to Access Previous News Juice Files?

Select the dates, both from .... and to .... access the news juice. For instance, if you want to read news juice from 1st December, 2016 till 31st Janauary, 2017, then select the dates  from 1st December, 2016 to 31st Janauary, 2017.

Along with dates, you can also select the topic to read news pertaining to that particular topic. The topic column works along with selected dates only. This means that if you want to read news pertaining to a particular topic, then you have to select dates as well along with choice of your topic. Moreover, the daily news juice contains news from 1st Februray, 2016. So, dont select date prior to 1st Feb, 2016.